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For members not wanting to venture all the way to San Jose to experience the Art Walk, Cabo San Lucas has added its own version of the Art Walk. Plaza Amelia Wilkes, located downtown in Cabo, turns into an incredible scene, of artists, vendors, and fun every Friday evening. Viva La Plaza is held every Friday evening, and several streets are closed down and artists set up their stands and showcase their art throughout the plaza and in the streets. Surrounding the plaza, are several incredible restaurants, and bars, which are the perfect place to enjoy a meal or a cocktail and people watch.

Keep Friday nights open on your next visit to Grand Solmar at Ranch San Lucas, either a short drive, or a shuttle to Grand Solmar Land’s End and a 10-minute walk and you can be in the heart of the event. From 5 pm to 10 pm every Friday, the newly-renovated Plaza Amelia Wilkes is vibrant and fun and the place to be in Cabo!

Rancho San Lucas also Recommends Spending a Day at The Art Walk is a great way to spend an evening or a short day trip.

This is a fun trip you will not be disappointed Todos Santos is so worth seeing when in Cabo because it is close with the new highway that goes right to La Paz. So take a little journey a visit this quaint small town. The legendary Guitarist Carlos Santana owns one of the Restaurants there. So this is a must-see spot if you have not been there. If you have, well it is always worth seeing again for its charm great boutiques along with the fantastic art on display in the little shops.

Besame Mucho

Todos Santos has the distinction of Pueblo Magico, or Magic Town. The Mexican Tourism Ministry has designated over 100 towns across Mexico as being Magic Towns, as they are rich in history and culture and are true authentic representations of colonial towns.


Located about a 35 minutes drive from the entrance of Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas, Todos Santos is on the Pacific Coast of Southern Baja. The ride is scenic and beautiful and hugs the coast almost the entire way north. While there are a few fun places to stop along the way, the main attraction on weekends is the Art Walk!

The downtown avenue is famous for being the site of the mission, the Hotel California and other fun bars, and Shoppe’s line the streets. Traffic is slow here as the streets are quite narrow, but on the weekend, the avenue is closed to vehicles, and artists and artisans set up stands and showcase their work for the town and visitors to see in the street.

mission Todos Santos

Hand-painted portraits, landscapes, photography, sculptures, jewelry, and crafts are on display and can be purchased from the creator, which is a fun experience to partake in. Those interested can speak to the artists and learn about a piece they may be interested in before making a purchase, or just peruse the stands and relax and look at all the creations. It is a relaxed environment, usually in the early morning and then again in the early evening and late evening hours when the temperatures cool. Live music can be enjoyed, and when visitors tire of walking, they can pop into a local bar or restraint and enjoy one of Todos Santos’s famous farm to table style dining options.

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Rancho San Lucas recommends visiting Hotel California

Seafood is a focal point in many restaurants in Todos Santos. Being on the Pacific coast, locally sourced seafood is plentiful, and chefs create some fantastic dishes with these fresh ingredients. Pacific shrimp and scallops are a few favorites, and of course, freshly caught fish, sea bass, or Dorado is often on the menu.

When in Todos Santos, a few sites to see are the small missions and the Teatro, the small city theater in the central plaza, this is a charming little plaza surrounded by blocks of cobblestone streets.

music avenue

Drive safe and enjoy the day trip which Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas members can beat all the Cabo traffic and get to quickly, being so close on the Pacific Side.

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