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Rancho San Lucas is happy to mention that our Marina in San Lucas is one of Cabo’s most sought after shopping hot spots by returning visitors. They are at the Golden Zone is Called Luxury Avenue. This is like shopping in Beverly Hills with all the famous luxury brand you can imagine.

This town has grown to a playground of the rich and famous, and all people in between The Marina offers endless shopping at specialty boutiques, fine dining, breathtaking scenery, and plenty of deep-sea adventure for the more curious traveler. Shoppers flock to the marina in Cabo San Lucas. The yachts at the marina are the same as you would see in destinations like Monaco. These are not little fishing boats yet super-yachts for the elite. You never can tell who you mat spot walking along the marina in Cabo San Lucas.

shopping mall by Rancho San Lucas

According to the expert team at Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas, visitors can immerse themselves in numerous water-based experiences: Special dives for individuals or groups, cruises that offer excellent reef snorkeling opportunities, kayaking and paddle-boarding to name but a few.

Not that everyone ends up going on a deep-sea fishing trip or a snorkeling cruise. Many tourists in Cabo enjoy taking it easy and sipping a cold glass of wine at one of the many marina restaurants or bars while watching the sun slowly sets in the distance.

Block after block of shopping is the main thing visitors notice when they first arrive at the marina. Vendors with tiny tables are interspersed with significant sellers who offer everything from jewelry to hand-made dolls and artworks. So many little items to buy to take home and serve as a reminder of your time in Cabo.

According to Rancho San Lucas, the marina itself is like taking a mini-vacation because there is so much to do there year-round and all day long, every day.


There are so many different kinds of tours offered that some visitors wander around the marina that there is something for everyone. They even have a Harley Davidson store that rents bikes for day trips. What a great way to see the Baja. Riding up and down the highway for those bike enthusiasts will always be a trip to remember.

Rancho San Lucas members and other tourists in Cabo are amazed at the laid-back atmosphere amid the endless choices of activities at the marina.

People who want to experience the sport of deep-sea fishing or snorkeling can find dozens of choices for tour length, cost, and the number of people who join in. Repeat visitors to Cabo tell the concierge at Rancho San Lucas time and again that the marina is their favorite single spot in the entire area.

We want to remind our members and guests that Cabo San Lucas is home to countless sporting, cultural and other events year-round, and the late winter and early spring months are no exception.

pirate boat

The Marina in Cabo is a truly incredible sight to behold, with small boats, yachts, and larger vessels dotting the gorgeous landscape against a shimmering ocean backdrop. Shopping, dancing, dining, and all sorts of social fun abound at the Marina of Cabo San Lucas.

Rancho San Lucas is truly a remarkable resort one visit, and you can see why people return year after year.

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