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September is an important month in México; it is called Mes Patrio, which means heritage month. September 16th is an important day in Modern Mexican history as it is the days that across the country Mexicans celebrate Independence Day. Political leaders and company directors and owners help lead the ceremony for the Grito de Independencia, the cry for Independence across the municipalities and at parties across the country. Parties and festivals are held to honor this day at schools and in plazas and city centers all over the country. For visitors to Los Cabos, this can be a very fun time of the year to experience and a really great opportunity to sample some of the most popular and famous Mexican culinary creations.

One of the favorites is Pozole. Pozole means Hominy, and hominy is one of the stars of this soup or almost a stew that is served with bread, tortillas or tostadas on the side. There are several styles, but like the flag, white, red and green are the main three, depending on the base for the stock. Chicken, pork or sometimes turkey can be the meat used in pozole, while pork is generally the most popular. The pork stew with hominy and spices is then seasoned to taste with cabbage, radish, limejuice, and oregano. Enjoying a good pozole is a great way to sample an amazing culinary creation of México.

Tamales – A true favorite and one with so many variations, there is no right or wrong tamale. Cornhusk or banana leaves, depending on the part of the country you are in, are the casings for these delicious creations. A “massa” or doe is created with seasonings, flour and meat and vegetables. Tamales can be beef and potatoes, chicken and olives, or even sweet like cinnamon and raison or of course sweet corn. The mix is rolled into either a fist shape and then wrapped in the casing, or flattened and then folded into a casing depending again on the region. The casings are then steamed until the dough is soft and the flavors all mesh together. While these are enjoyed all year round, in September, tamales are found everywhere for heritage month.

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Tamales, popular dish in México

Tacos y Tortas – So these are pretty common all year round as well and favorites for lunch by locals ad visitors alike, but they are very much Mexican creations and are served at many restaurants and festivals throughout September. Tacos and Tortas (sandwiches) can also be varied. Fish, shrimp, chicken, pastor, but during September the simple traditions are the most popular. Tacos de tinga, a chicken in tomato broth, or beef and potato, are the most popular. Tortas are also common, for carnitas o cochinita, pork, which is flavored with spices and slow cooked and then served with lettuce, red onion and of course, salsa on a nice freshly baked roll.

There are also dozens of sweet treats o enjoy from donas (donuts), churros, sweet tamales, raspados which are like icy drinks or a Slurpee, sweet drinks like Jamaica, horchata, and tamarind water and so much more. Aside from street fairs and markets, many popular restaurants observe the traditions and embrace the culture and heritage of México to create their take on the favorites. Enjoy or buen provecho as we say in México!

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