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Rancho San Lucas knows that both locals and visitors to beautiful Cabo San Lucas are always looking for the newest fun and exciting events to attend.

On June 22, 2019, La Fete de la Musique in San Jose Del Cabo is just the thing that will keep everyone in the family happy. This is the type of event that brings people together through music and culture.

The Music Festival (La Fete de la Musique) was initiated in Europe to display the many different genres and diversity in the music industry while also bringing people together. This international event celebrates music by putting on display every type of music imaginable. From amateurs and beginners to professional artists and bands, all levels of proficient are welcome.

The participants in the Music Festival bring their creative stylings to both popular music and also lesser known varieties. Mariachi bands, jazz artists, salsa musicians, rock funk, and pop music will all be on display for everyone to enjoy. The whole purpose of the Festival is to show the incredible diversity of musical practices of different genres. That is why this is such a great event for the entire family. With all the different types of music being performed, everyone is sure to find at least one or two favorites in the very diverse line-up.

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This celebration in Los Cabos will be held in the historic center of San Jose del Cabo. The streets in the historic center will be closed to automobile traffic so pedestrians will be able to choose many pathways through the historic center of town.

This same type of festival takes place in more than 120 countries and also includes other Mexican cities such as Guadalajara and San Luis Potosí. It is a celebration of diversity, in people and musical tastes. These are stages where everyone from beginners to well-known professional artists come together to showcase their talents and bring people together. Music transcends all boundaries, and these Festivals of Music bring joy, laughter, and fun for people everywhere who choose to participate. Also, besides the music, there will be food and shopping opportunities through the historic downtown area.

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