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Several Rancho San Lucas owners and members are golf and fishing enthusiasts, some of Los Cabo’s main and popular attractions. There are so many more, yet this article will focus on trendy ones that have brought people from all over the world for fine golfing and the diverse waters of the pacific ocean and where it meets the Sea of Cortez.

Los Cabos enjoys a beautiful location for anglers as the waters off the coast of the tip of the southern Baja enjoy warm and cool currents meeting, making the perfect environment for fishing. Unlike many popular fishing destinations, 40 or 50-mile ventures are generally not needed in Baja waters.

Summer Fishing Tournaments Reviewed By Rancho San Lucas 2

Summer Fishing Tournaments 2022 By Rancho San Lucas

Just a few miles offshore, anglers can hook up to Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, Sailfish, and more!

The depth of the water just offshore drops to incredible depths. The excellent and warm currents converging from Cortez’s Sea to the Pacific make for perfect conditions for first-time fishermen and seasoned anglers.

Charter companies are packed in the fishing season in the summertime, as the bite is solid. Many fishing tournaments occur in the summer, some large and others small.

Here are the top tournaments that Los Cabos hosts:

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament.

As the name sounds, this is a Billfish tournament, Black and Blue Marlin and Sailfish. This three-day tournament is based on daily jackpots, and prize money is determined by poundage. The largest fish on the day, participating in all daily jackpots, can take home a 6-figure paycheck!

The Bisbee Series

Originally known as the single Bisbee tournament, the Bisbee is probably the most known tournament in Los Cabos but now has a series of events throughout Baja. The East Cape Bisbee takes place in August annually; the Los Cabos events are in October. The Bisbee offshore, “the little Bisbee,” is a lead-up to the Black and Blue tournament. This tournament has been famous for attracting anglers from around the world, the shotgun start is really cool to see, and boats rush out to compete for millions of dollars and the title of champion!

Summer Fishing Tournaments 2022 By Rancho San Lucas

Summer Fishing Tournaments 2022 By Rancho San Lucas

The Cabo Tuna Jackpot

The Tune Jackpot or Tuna Turney is a tuna tournament where the most giant tuna takes the daily prize and tournament title! Anglers have taken home enormous paychecks to bring colossal Yellowfin tuna to the weigh stations.

On another footnote, check out the Netflix special about the Bisbee called Blue Miracle. A very heartwarming true story that affected an orphanage that Hurricane Odile devasted. This is what Cabo is all about standing tall and together as one.

A humpback whale

Summer Fishing Tournaments 2022 By Rancho San Lucas


The marina is always buzzing during fishing tournaments, as there are several vendors, bars, and different entertainment events taking place. Whether you are a serious angler looking to compete and take home a title or just looking to have fun, Los Cabos is the perfect spot for a fishing adventure this summer!

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